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all for a dime
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61. All for a Dime!: A Bear and Mole Story (Holiday House, July 30, 2015) Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool - Grade 1)

Bear and Mole are back with a new adventure that introduces a delightful new friend.

It's Market Day! Bear has picked delicious blueberries. Mole has dug up yummy worms. Their friend Skunk made a new kind of perfume she knows will be a gigantic hit. The trio can't wait to make big piles of dimes. But there are surprises both good and bad in store for the three friends as the farmers market gets underway.


"Hillenbrand s mixed-media artwork should provoke plenty of giggles, as he plays up the smelly, squirmy disruptions Skunk and Mole inflict on the fair, as well as the joy they get out of their less-than-hot-ticket items."

Publishers Weekly

"Bear, Mole, and Skunk fill the pages in their sporty coveralls as Bear steadfastly turns a neat profit while frivolous Mole and Skunk onomatopoetically "slurp" and "puff" theirs away. Exuberant, naïve entrepreneurs risk "all for a dime" in this rib-tickling read-aloud."


Kirkus Reviews