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snowman's story
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60. Snowman's Story (Two Lions, November 18, 2014) Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool - Grade 2)

Filled with charm and fun, this wordless picture book lets kids tell their own version of the story.

One wintry day, a hat lands on the head of a newly made snowman and brings him to life. Hiding inside the hat is a rabbit, who listens to the snowman read a story to some animal friends. When the snowman falls asleep, the rabbit hops away with the book. But the snowman isn't about to let his story—or the mischievous rabbit—get away. The chase is on!


"Mixed-media illustrations have a charmingly innocent quality that artfully conveys both the gentle friendship and adventuresome spirit of these characters. A spacious wintry backdrop of sketchily drawn snow-dusted trees is overlaid with dots of falling snowflakes and warmed by the rosy roundness of Snowman. The wordless narrative is dynamic yet easily followed, perfect to share with pre-readers. An appealing addition to any seasonal collection."

School Library Journal

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