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57. Bear in Love (Candlewick, August 2012)
Daniel Pinkwater & Will Hillenbrand
(Kindergarten-Grade 3)

A bear with a secret admirer who leaves sweet, crunchy treats outside his cave each night tries to repay the kindness with honey, but comes to find out that his new friend is smaller, cuter, and fonder of carrots than any bear.

“Hillenbrand’s soft earth-toned illustrations give us a sense of a cozy natural setting while his ragged bold lines give Bear a scruffy edge that keeps the story from being overly sweet. They are a perfect match for Pinkwater’s text…”

The Horn Book

“The simple story's design is nicely romanticized, with full-bleed, lightly sketched forest backgrounds spread out over long pages, with the placid action depicted in mixed-media browns and greens with gentle highlights.”


“Pinkwater demonstrates a deft gift for writing for very young children, and the book is made more special by Hillenbrand's lovely pastel illustrations.”

School Library Journal

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