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Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!
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55. Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!
(Marshall Cavendish, September 2011)
Maureen Wright & Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool-Grade 3)

The wind whipped through the autumn woods and swirled to the spot where Big Bear stood. It whirled the leaves right off the trees, just as Big Bear let out a sneeze.

It’s Autumn, and Big Bear thinks that his sneezes are causing the leaves and apples to fall from the trees and the geese to fly away… until the wind convinces him otherwise.


"The large, mixed-media illustrations are lively and appealing, and readers will find humor in the scene in which Big Bear is trying to tack all of the fallen leaves back onto branches. This title will appeal to young children, especially where Big Bear has a fan base."
School Library Journal


"Hillenbrand’s sweeping mixed-media spreads should stir up anticipation for apple-picking season..."
Publishers Weekly


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