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Spring is Here
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53. Spring Is Here (Holiday House, 2011)
Will Hillenbrand (Preschool-Grade 1)

Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Spring is in the air. Mole can smell it. But Bear is still asleep after his long winter nap. How will Mole wake up Bear so they can celebrate together? When a knock, knock, knock and toot, toot, toot can't get Bear out of bed, Mole cooks up a special treat.

Spring fever is catching in this vibrant story of friendship.

"Simple sentences... describe the action, while Hillenbrand's illustrations
wonderfully animate the text. The artwork, digitally manipulated pencil with
water-based coloring, has a lovely softness; the characters, with their
plumpness and simplicity, are extremely appealing."

Kirkus Reviews

“The repetition, ample onomatopoeia, and tender tone of the spare text… combined with [the] renderings of this gentle pair of pals, create a sunny welcome to the season.”

Publishers Weekly

“With plenty of repeated ‘sound’ words… the story is fun to read aloud and lends itself to audience participation."


“Hillenbrand’s sense of humor is gentle yet emphatic, perfect for young children.”

The Horn Book

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