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Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!
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51. Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!
(Marshall Cavendish, 2009)
Maureen Wright & Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool-Grade 3)

It’s time for Big Bear to hibernate, so Old Man Winter keeps telling him: “Sleep, Big Bear, sleep.” But Big Bear doesn’t hear very well. He thinks Old Man Winter has told him to drive a jeep, to sweep, and to leap. Big Bear just can’t seem to understand what Old Man Winter tells him.

Finally, Old Man Winter finds a noisy way to get Big Bear’s attention!

 “Hillenbrand picks up on the tall-tale humor in ample double-page spreads, adding a concerned rabbit and contributing creatively to both action… and detail.”

The Horn Book


“The rolling countryside, glowing in seasonal moonlight, or dotted with fine white snowflakes and crisp evergreens against a wintry gray sky, will have readers longing for a cup of hot cocoa.”

Publishers Weekly

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