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One Fine Trade
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49. One Fine Trade (Holiday House, 2009)
Bobbi Miller & Will Hillenbrand
(Kindergarten-Grade 4)

Georgy Piney Woods is going to make one fine trade. He’s going to swap a rail-skinny horse for a shiny silver dollar to buy his daughter a pretty new dress for her wedding day. But along the road he trades for a fat brown cow, an old hound dog, and then a cypress stick- but no silver dollar! Will his daughter ever get her wedding dress?.

“Brisk pacing and cliffhanger page turns make this a natural for either telling or reading, and Hillenbrand’s bright scenes of a smiling peddler in rustic dress striding through field, forest and swamp in search of the next transaction add plenty of color and spirit.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Hillenbrand’s… energetic mixed media compositions keep pace with Georgy’s enthusiastic salesmanship. His weathered top hat, patchwork britches and polite demeanor make him fun to follow as he travels the evocative landscape, from the bucolic meadow to the ‘deep deep’ woods.”

Publishers Weekly