Moon Might Be Milk
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44. Moon Might Be Milk (Dutton, 2007)
Lisa Shulman & Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool-Grade 2)

What is the moon made of? Rosie wants to know.

Cat thinks the moon is a saucer of fresh milk. Dog thinks it’s a pat of sweet, creamy butter. Butterfly thinks it’s made of sugar- sticky and sparkling and oh, so sweet. But Gran knows best. Using milk, butter, sugar, and other ingredients, she bakes Rosie a magical piece of the moon.

“The mixed-media artwork features Hillenbrand's strong, distinctive lines that define the characters, colors that range in intensity from brilliant to muted, and a rich array of patterned surfaces that make the settings varied and vivid.”

Starred Review, Booklist

“Childlike illustrations in soft patterns and colors complement the delightful whimsy.”

School Library Journal

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