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Bumpy Little Pumpkin
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38. Bumpy Little Pumpkin (Scholastic, 2005)
Margery Cuyler & Will Hillenbrand
(Kindergarten-Grade 3)

Little Nell has found the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. It’s bumpy and little and lumpy, and just right. Then, her bossy sisters, BIG Sarah and BIG Lizzie, tell her it’s too small and ugly to make a good jack-o’-lantern.

But with a little help from her friends Reindeer, Hare, and Bear Cub, Little Nell shows them all that big ideas sometimes come in small packages- bumps and all..

“Once again, Cuyler and Hillenbrand create a warm, empowering story about a youngest sister’s struggles.”


“Hillenbrand sets the woodsy tale in a burgeoning pumpkin patch, surrounds tuft-haired, dot-eyed Nell with smiling fauna and closes with a full-page scene of her embracing her candle-lit, misshapen jack-o'-lantern in the wake of BIG Mama's fulsome praise.”

Kirkus Reviews

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