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Down on the Farm
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34. Down on the Farm (Holiday House, 2004)
Merrily Kutner & Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool-Grade 1)

DOWN ON THE FARM the roosters call, the horses neigh, the chicks won’t sleep, the pig snouts point- “oink,” and the cats powwow!

Follow the trail of one naughty little goat through a day in the life of a very busy, very noisy farmyard crew.

“The large-scale artwork features birds and beasts defined in broad, black outlines in scenes that glow with warm colors. The bold, simplified forms are well suited to a very young audience, particularly in a group setting.”


“Done in oils and inks, the action-packed cartoon artwork is rich, vivid, and charming. With its large-format illustrations, repeated refrain, and irresistible farmyard sounds, this book will make a great interactive read-aloud.”

School Library Journal

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