Please Say Please!: Penguin's Guide  to Manners
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33. Please Say Please!: Penguin's Guide
to Manners
(Scholastic, 2004)
Margery Cuyler & Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool-Grade 2)

Penguin has invited his animal friends to dinner, and their manners are all mixed up. Hippo puts her napkin on her HEAD, and Elephant sprays his milk EVERYWHERE.

Oh, my!

Just right for young children, this playful first guide to manners is giggle-iscious fun!

“A natural read-aloud, with a generous helping of onomatopoeia, this is one dinner party that will leave participants begging for more- using polite, inside voices, of course.”

The Horn Book

“Hillenbrand's double-page spreads are simple; outlines and basic colors make it easy to identify the animals and scene, but do not detract from the focus: mealtime behaviors. A must for every [child’s] library…”

Kirkus Reviews