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Look Out, Jack! The Giant Is Back!
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29. Look Out, Jack! The Giant Is Back!
(Holiday House, 2001)
Tom Birdseye & Will Hillenbrand
(Grades 2-6)

“Wham blam hickity hack! I’m gonna get that boy named Jack!”

Last you heard of Jack, he’d killed the giant and taken the hen that lays the golden eggs. But that wasn’t the end of the story. The giant’s brother was steaming mad- and after Jack’s hide. So Jack hightailed it to America, where he set up a little home with his mother, happy as you please.

But a giant doesn’t give up so easily. Lickety-split he is at Jack’s doorstep, mad as a rained-on rooster. As soon as Jack can say “Uh-oh,” he hatches a plan to save his skin… but will he be a match for the giant?

“Kids will revel in the gross pictures and the equally disgusting belching and the giant’s secret weapon, stinky feet. Hillenbrand’s… mixed media, illustrations- tempera, colored pencils, crayon, and oil paint on vellum- create a soft almost marbleized palate of spring greens and changing skies. Great fun.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Hillenbrand's… mixed media artwork… soars.  He captures the rambunctious nature of the author's premise, all the while depicting Jack as a sweet-faced kid with more than a few tricks up his sleeve.  The details- Jack's ramshackle home, the rolling mountains and a pair of putrid green giant feet… supply the comedy.”

Publishers Weekly

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