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Kiss the Cow!
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27. Kiss the Cow! (Candlewick, 2000)
Phyllis Root & Will Hillenbrand
(Preschool-Grade 3)

Annalisa, the most curious and stubborn of Mama May’s children, disobeys her mother and upsets the family cow by refusing to kiss her in return for the milk she gives.

“Hillenbrand's sunny colors reflect the light spirit of the tale, and hordes of happy children spill through the prairie grass, jump in the haystacks, and swing from the laundry line.”

The Horn Book

“[Hillenbrand] presents a variety of visual perspectives, including sweeping landscapes and homey indoor vignettes. And his immense attention to detail is gratifying, portraying the humor and pathos of the story. A satisfying treat…”

Starred Review, Kirkus Reviews

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