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Coyote and the Fire Stick: A Pacific Northwest Indian Tale
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16. Coyote and the Fire Stick: A Pacific Northwest Indian Tale (Harcourt, 1996)
Barbara Diamond Golden & Will Hillenbrand (Grades 2-4)

Coyote is wise. Coyote is crafty. Coyote knows the answers to many of the People’s questions. But the People’s lodges are cold and dark. The People’s food is uncooked. Now the People want to know: Coyote, how do we get Fire?

Fire is guarded by three evil spirits at the top of a tall mountain. Can Coyote get Fire for the People? Perhaps if he enlists the help of Mountain Lion, Deer, Squirrel, and Frog he can. After all, Coyote can do almost anything. Right?

“Who doesn't have a favorite, thoroughly ugly picture-book villain? Move aside, Shrek … and Loathly Lady…, make room for Hillenbrand's trio of ugly-to-the-bone antagonists.”


“Hillenbrand's… art offers a thoughtfully researched portrait of Pacific Northwest Indians.”

Publishers Weekly

“A well-told story with inventive oil and oil pastel illustrations of the sturdy People, the helpful animals, and the serio-comic evil spirits, green and bulbous. Accenting all are the sharp portraits of the scrawny yet supple trickster hero, prancing with admiration for himself.”

Starred Review, The Horn Book