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Treasure Chest: A Chinese Tale
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11. Treasure Chest: A Chinese Tale
( Holiday House, 1995)
Rosalind C. Wang & Will Hillenbrand
(Grades 2-6)

A rainbow-colored magic fish helps Laifu protect his bride-to-be from the evil ruler Funtong.

“In this gently told, handsomely rendered folktale, Wang's… blend of romance, drama and magic imbues her text with the flavor of an old-world legend.”

Publishers Weekly

“Hillenbrand… adds welcome authenticity to this entertaining slice of oral history.”


“…Hillenbrand’s stylized watercolors are loosely based on southern Sung paintings.  Peachy pinks and soft blues are punctuated with unexpected bursts of color, such as Funtong’s sickly green face and Pearl’s wedding kimono.”

School Library Journal