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Asher and the Capmakers:  A Hanukkah Story
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08. Asher and the Capmakers:
A Hanukkah Story
(Holiday House, 1993)
Eric Kimmel & Will Hillenbrand
(Grades 2-4)

On his way to get an egg for his mother the night before Hanukkah, a young boy encounters a group of mischievous fairies who take him on an adventure to Jerusalem.

“Some of the rambunctious illustrations look like woodcuts, with bold rhythmic lines and rich colors. They show peasant life without sentimentality- even the fairies are heavyset and earthy, and they sure know how to party.”


Hillenbrand's darkly hued, dramatic illustrations… are filled with breathtaking perspectives of snow swirling about mysterious, gnarled trees. The characters have wide faces, exaggerated features, and swirls of clothing, adding to the depth and texture of this well-told tale.”

School Library Journal