About Me

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, where my family owned a barbershop. During the summer I would walk to the shop and deliver my Dad’s hot lunch. Then I would take a break and listen to the conversations. Many customers told “big fish” stories laced with humor and exaggeration. I enjoyed drawing those stories at the kitchen table when I returned home.

Later I went to art school, and after taking a class in picture book art, I decided to try illustrating children’s literature.

After more than 50 books, I still feel lucky to do what I love.

I live with my wife, Jane, and son, Ian, in Terrace Park, Ohio.

<Sitting on Grandma Hillenbrand's lap in the company of Mom and my older brothers.










Memorial to my teacher,

Dr. Ken Marantz





Inside Will’s studio:


From sketch to final art, demo:



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